Coaching for VIII - XII Students : –

1. Right Direction – Delight Academy provide students correct guidance as class 9 to class 12 students need to be prepared for board exams, competitive exams, entrance exams etc. In Delight Academy, the students not only get academic guidance but also they get to know about career options and right goals as per their interest and academic record. Delight Academy are really helpful in admissions and career guidance.

2. The Personalisation of studies – Student get individual attention at our institute because in school teachers have to deal with 40-60 students in each class and their focus in general on just covering their syllabus for subjects in the time allotted for each period. This makes it difficult for teachers to focus on each student and hence, students are not able to get proper guidance. However, in our institutes, the focus is on learning and development of students as per their requirement. We take limited student in one batch (10 numbers) and individual focus on each student by our professionals experts.

3. Exam : Weekly exam just to improve student performance .

We at Delight Academy, truly believe in personalized learning. We provide one on one concept level tutoring sessions for students of CBSE / STATE / ICSE customized for the individual learning needs of each individual student. Our tutors work with students across the India to provide high quality personalized tutoring which is a combination of board curriculum & past examination papers to effectively prepare for examinations. Not just that, we make our classes accessible, affordable, and more convenient for everyone through our state of the art technology. So, students can conveniently fit classes into their schedule.